Girls Boys Love Cash

De : Citizen.KANE.Kollektiv et Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES)

Mise en scène : Christian Müller  

pays : Allemagne



Girls Boys Love Cash is a play written for both a teen and an adult audience. Combining play, dance, video, and documentary restitution, the show tackles the subject of prostitution and the relationship we have with the human body within a liberal society. Born out of meetings with sex workers, managers at Eroscenter or social workers in Stuttgart, the project uncovers the power relationships between those who buy and those who sell sex but also underlines the relations between shame and sexuality. Video sequences give us witness accounts of meetings with individuals while the performers share with us the questions and emotions evoked during their research. So, have the spheres of the body and consumption in modern society become inseparable? This shows continued the reflective theme initiated at the 2017 Festival through the show TRAFIC which already confronted the outlooks of prostitutes, clients, and the audience.


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    Les Subsistances (Célestins Hors Les Murs)

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  • Date

    17 octobre

    18 octobre

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    Full price : 20 €

    Reduced rate : 16 €

    - 28 ans : 11 €

    RSA : 9 €

    Pass festival : 14 €

    Pass festival - 28 ans : 9 €

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    Show in Deutch, surtitled in French
    From 15 years old

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