De : Dorothée Munyaneza

Mise en scène : Dorothée Munyaneza

pays : Rwanda / France



Unwanted explores the mental and physical repercussions of rape used as a weapon of war during the Rwandan genocide. Based on meetings with both women and children whose lives had been affected by crime, the play bears witness to their stories and how the body deals with trauma. Through dance, music, and song, Dorothée Munyaneza and Hollande Andrews provide us a symphony of anger not only bringing the echo of a painful past but one that is forever alive. The body becomes a sounding board for forgotten voices and an attempt to exorcise the pain. « The play is built around the image of a cyclone: many effects and acoustic techniques when we enter the interiority of the situation; then suddenly the calmness of the storm’s eye and the stark brutality of the raw testimony. Listening to it in a better way, by contrast » the choreographer wishes to explain with dignity the suffering of these women and their determination to continue with their lives.




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    Théâtre de Vénissieux

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    18 October

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