Peer Gynt from Kosovo

De : Jeton Neziraj

Mise en scène : Agon Myftari

pays : Kosovo



This is the story of a broken dream. That of a better life in a welcoming Europe. Full of hope in a positive future, a young man leaves his native Kosovo in search of the « European dream. » Just like the young anti-hero of Ibsen, Peer, however, is a modern version who will be confronted with a bleaker reality than was originally contemplated. What awaits him is no different from the reality faced by all those who have gone before him and whose adventure subsequently turned into a nightmare. Isolated and with little hope of a better future, he passes through Sweden then Germany, where a stay in prison leads to religious radicalization. The journey of the character not only evokes the itinerant nature of migration, but also the real problem of radicalization within the prison system which is emblematic of a generation. Sublimely bringing together both drama and the grotesque, the storyline takes the audience on a path full of obstacles yet interspersed with bursts of hope.




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    TNG -Les Ateliers (Célestins Hors Les Murs)

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  • Date

    20 October

    21 October

    22 October

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    Plein tarif : 20 €

    Tarif réduit : 16 €

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    Show in Albanian, surtitled in French and English

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