Oreste à Mossoul

De : D’après L’Orestie d’Eschyle

Mise en scène : Milo Rau

pays : Belgique / Suisse / Irak


What happens when a Belgian theatre company goes to Mosul? How can a classic be updated? Can we learn anything from the suffering and resistance of a population under the Islamic State?

Orestia is not only a unique trilogy that has made its way to us from time immemorial, but also one of the greatest human tragedies of all time. It is a mythical text from the very foundation of civilization in which the infinite circle of vengeance is replaced through the establishment of justice, integration and reconciliation. Milo Rau chooses to work on this text by assembling both European and Iraqi artists in the city of Mosul, an area overrun by the Islamic State between 2014 and 2017, where questions of forgiveness and vengeance dominate everyday life. The show retraces an experience, that of a confrontation between a tragic text and the day to day life in a ruined city, and between a myth and artists affected by the war.


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    Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon

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  • Date

    22 October

    23 October

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    Plein Tarif - Cat 1 : 25€ (cat1)/ 20€ (cat2)

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    -28ans - Cat 1 : 13€ (cat1) / 11€ (cat2)

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