Les Sans…

De : Texte inspiré de Les Damnés de la terre de Frantz Fanon

Mise en scène : Freddy Sabimbona

pays : Burkina-Faso / Burundi



Inspired by Frantz Fanon’s work Les damnés de la terre, Ali Kiswinsida Ouédraogo’s play tells the story of two comrades in arms, Tiibo et Franck, who meet again after a 10-year separation. Franck, fervently revolutionary, wants to start the struggle for total independence for the former French colony of Burkina Faso anew and suggests boycotting Independence Day. But he soon realizes that his former comrade has become part of the system that they once fought. A verbal sparring match then ensues between the two protagonists, each of them self-certain that his worldview is correct. On stage, a musician accompanies the debate and takes over at times of heated argument or when words are simply not enough.


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  • Lieu

    Théâtre Comédie-Odéon

  • Date

    26 October

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    Tarif plein : 15/ 20€

    Tarif réduit : 12/ 16€

    -28 ans : 9 / 11€

    RSA : 9 /9€

    Pass Festival : 11/ 14€

    Pass Festival - 28 ans : 7 / 9€

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