La Brisa

De : Gabriel Calderón, Zuadd Atala, Alicia Laguna, Tamara Cubas, AGEPE

Mise en scène : Tamara Cubas

pays : Mexique / Uruguay



La Brisa is the name of a mythical bar that was known in the nineties as a meeting place for the artists, bohemian musicians and prostitutes from the Mexican city of Juarez. Home to a form of cultural resistance and assertive activism, its eclectic clientele (and the entire city) would eventually suffer from the development of drug trafficking networks. Added to this was the growing insecurity due to a series of « feminicides,» several hundred female deaths which have affected Juarez since 1993. The La Brisa bar would eventually be ransacked during an arson attack leaving behind a melancholic souvenir associated with a bygone past. It is this place and this era that the four women on stage combine dance, music and theatre that bear witness to a history recorded not only in the memory, but also in the body.



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    Théâtre de la Renaissance

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  • Date

    19 October

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    Show in Spanish, surtitled in French
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