J’abandonne une partie de moi que j’adapte

De : Rémi Faure, Benjamin Lichou, Jules Puibaraud, Léa Romagny                    

Mise en scène : Justine Lequette

pays : Belgique


« To wonder about happiness today. To realize that happiness has stopped making sense through the prism of work, that the official discourse makes of work the only place for the emancipation of the individual, that work, as a value, outranks all else… » The show J’abandonne une partie de moi que j’adapte compares society in the sixties, such as is described by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin in their documentary Chronique d’un été, with that of today. The same questions haunt both epochs: happiness, and its relation to work. The superposition of these two periods tells us about the excesses of capitalism and the socio-economic changes that have taken place over fifty years. What is left for us to go on? What can we invent in order to start from a different perspective? This young company has produced a show that insists upon humor against all odds, a show both funny and serious at once that joyfully carries us into the utopian search for happiness.


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    Théâtre de la Croix Rousse

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  • Date

    22 October

    23 October

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    Plein tarif : 25 €

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    - 28 ans : 13 €

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