Des Caravelles et des batailles

De : Eléna Doratiotto & Benoît Piret

Mise en scène : Eléna Doratiotto & Benoît Piret

pays : Belgique


« Creating homes for the imagination is the most political of acts, the most disturbing thing imaginable » Heiner Müller. Five people live happily in a remote place somewhere in Europe, isolated but not completely cut off from the rest of the world. Andréas is a new arrival who will gradually learn about this new place as well as those who live there. Familiar with theatrical convention, the audience discovers with him a « home for the imagination, » a place where the real can be observed, maybe a somewhat disturbing environment but a space where utopia becomes possible. A realistic tale about the theatre and the world of today, Des Caravelles et des Batailles freely takes advantage of the universe created by Thomas Mann’s La Montagne Magique in order to offer an irresistibly funny work of fiction where we can read the necessity to protect spaces « untangled from the mess of business » and to create a new dialogue with the real. A jubilant and radical moment.


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    Radiant- Bellevue

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  • Date

    26 October

    27 October

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    Plein tarif : 25 €

    Tarif réduit : 21 €

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    RSA : 9 €

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