Danse avec le diable

De : Soulay Thiâ'nguel

Mise en scène : Bilia BAH assisted by Moïse BANGOURA    

pays : Guinée / Burkina Faso



This is a story about a family with three children. The eldest one is devoted to his sofa business while the youngest has been radicalized. In the midst of their quest to achieve power and riches, their sister decides to blow up the whole family to bring an end to the infernal cycle of perpetual pain, to purify it all. Helped by a mysterious singer, she enters the hotel where the two feuding brothers are meeting and waits until 8:30pm before setting off her explosive device. A metaphor for a torn country, the warring family enters a dance with the devil which only destruction can stop. Is it necessary to destroy everything in the hope that something better will come out of it? Created in the genre of a musical fable, the text is in fact a plea for the liberty and independence of women, as well as for them to take charge of their country’s future.


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    Théâtre Comédie Odéon

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  • Date

    22 October

    23 October

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