Chroniques d’une ville qu’on croit connaître

De : Wael Kadour

Mise en scène : Mohamed Al Rashi et Wael Kadour

pays : Syrie


The show is inspired by a true story. One night, in the summer of 2011, a young woman in Damascus commits suicide as the revolution begins. Starting with this event, the play asks the question: how is it that a politically engaged Syrian woman could choose to turn her back on what would later happen in her country, right when the revolutionary movement was in a position to bring down the regime? From this question, the text shows what Syrian society was really like, both before and after the revolution and highlighting the violence intrinsic to the political, economic and religious system that has ruled Syria for decades. By referring to the near and distant past, Chroniques d’une ville qu’on croit connaître tries to understand what is currently happening in Syria, but the point is also made that an exhaustive examination of our own history is the only way to understand our personal choices.


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    18 October

    19 October

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    Show in Syrian arabic, surtitled in French
    From 15 years old

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