De : Julien Fournier  

Mise en scène : Julien Fournier  

pays : Belgique

Burning (Je ne mourus pas et pourtant nulle vie ne demeura)


In between a circus documentary and choreographic poetry, the show Burning (I did not die yet I was lifeless) touches upon the theme of burn-out, an epidemic of modern times. Supported by Laurence Vielle’s text which brings to the fore the accounts and words of those who are exhausted by work, the body of Julien Fournier struggles to stay in balance in an ever more restrictive environment. Undertaking tasks that are both absurd and repetitive, he tries to stand upright despite the floor giving way beneath his feet and the elements mercilessly wearing him out. Meanwhile, a video depicts a world of efficiency and consumerism, where the individual has become a commodity and simply portrayed in figures and graphs.

« The burn-out, a phenomenon of society which, above all, manifests itself in the body, finds in this new circus language a particularly accurate and relevant setting to tell itself. » (l’Habeas Corpus Compagnie)


  • Durée

    52 minutes

  • Lieu

    Les subsistances

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  • Date

    24 October

    25 October

  • Tarifs

    Full rate : 20 €

    reduced rate : 16 €

    - 28 : 11 €

    RSA : 9 €

    Pass festival : 14 €

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    Show in french,
    From 12 years old

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