Baños Roma

De : Eduardo Bernal, Jorge A. Vargas, Gabriel Contreras

Mise en scène : Jorge A. Vargas  

pays : Mexique



« We strive to restore the uncertainty with which we try to express what makes a memory take refuge in our mind. » (Jorge A. Vargas). The play Baños Roma revolves around the popular Mexican figure of José Angel Napoles, better known as « Mantequilla » a world champion in boxing. The name is a reference to the gym in Juarez where the sportsman of Cuban origin trained in his youth. The show depicts not only a man but also a city destroyed by violence and drug trafficking. The five actors on stage address the turn to violence faced as on a boxing ring with a painful, recent past which they must carry together into the present.


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    Théâtre de la Croix Rousse

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  • Date

    18 October

    19 October

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    Plein tarif : 25€

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    Show in Spanish, surtitled in French
    From 15 years old

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