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5th edition from 15 to 24 october 2017

Urgency and necessity

The world sways from an attack to another, from a civil war to an ecological disaster, from false dawns to resignation front of division and withdrawal rising. Economic and human crisis, politic discredit, references losses, general confusion… A long list of what led to collective abandonment, indifference to others and deadly desires of  social grouping.

So what ? Border and wall as future ? Asphyxiation as project ?

React !

Open doors and windows and watch the world ! Call diversity of views, practices, aesthetics ! Listen artists ! Follow this invited theatre companies. They are on all fronts, and, by theater, it means with bare hands, they fight with religion abuse, violence, injustices. Whether the come from Colombia, Cameroon, Kazakhstan or Iraq, all tell us to  look, to stand together.

So, hope by theater ?

Patrick Penot
Sens Interdits director

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    Ma petite Antarctique

    Mise en scène : TATIANA FROLOVA

    Lieu : Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon